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Each kit of BRACEGUARD kit costs $23.95 USD, plus shipping (which will be calculated when you place your order) and includes enough material to form  5 guards PLUS our No-Risk Guarantee. All orders will be processed within 48 hours of receipt. We ship world-wide.

If you are ordering for a music store, you can also order BRACEGUARD from US Band & Orchestra/St Louis Music, DEG Music Products or Harris Teller, Inc

If you are ordering for an orthodontist's office, please contact us concerning applicable dealer discounts.



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Our no-risk guarantee.

     If you arenít completely satisfied with the results from BRACEGUARD, return the unused portion, and we will refund the purchase price, or credit your credit card.     
   If you are having difficulty forming your guard, please contact us. It is our mission to enable every musician with orthodontic braces to perform comfortably.

If you reside within the U.S. and wish to order one BRACEGUARD kit using your PAYPAL account, click here.

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