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Can't my band students just get used to playing with braces?

Sure, some do. But during their period of  adjustment, band students may lose their range (especially high notes) and compensate by forming air pockets between their lips and sharp braces. These air pockets will hamper embouchure development & consistency in playing their musical instruments. BRACEGUARD solves these  problems.

How is BRACEGUARD better than dental wax?

Dental Wax becomes soft and sticky,  while a BRACEGUARD shield maintains its shape, even after hours of playing. Dental Wax can stick to your braces; BRACEGUARD won't.

How is BRACEGUARD better than plastic shields?

Plastic shields have ridges and seams while a BRACEGUARD shield is smooth and feels much like lip tissue. Plastic shields can shift; BRACEGUARD won’t.

How does BRACEGUARD work?

BRACEGUARD provides a smooth, natural-feeling surface between orthodontic braces and lips to protect against the sharp metal braces and brackets.

Why aren't the guards pre-formed?                                           

No two sets of braces are identical, and a proper shield must fit your braces. The only way to insure a proper, personalized fit is to form your own shield.

Is it hard to form a BRACEGUARD shield?

No, it's very easy. Each kit comes with instructions and photographs. It takes about five minutes to make a guard.

How long will one kit last?

The average musician/student will use one BRACEGUARD kit every 4-6 months. Each kit contains enough material to make five guards.

What does a BRACEGUARD shield look like?            

        Click here for photos.


Are there any other uses for BRACEGUARD?                               

Yes, many musicians with crooked, sharp teeth use BRACEGUARD to protect their lips. Also, musicians with large gaps between their teeth find that they can mold BRACEGUARD to fill in the gaps and help their embouchure. Additionally, woodwind players with worn enamel on their lower teeth can mold BRACEGUARD over the affected teeth to cushion them  from the vibrations of the mouthpiece and reed. 


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