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                    FOUR SIMPLE STEPS


Mix equal parts (about 1/5) of the red and white putty. Mixing time: 8 seconds, or less.


Form into "hot dog shape" and press gently onto brackets and wires. The guard should go around the
braces, but not over the teeth. (EXCEPTION: If you are forming your guard to protect your lips from  crooked, jagged, sharp teeth or saxophone enamel erosion, form your guard directly over your teeth, pinching the putty to form an impression.) 




Wait 4-5 minutes. (The material is set when it feels dry to the touch.)


Lift one corner of the guard and remove. Note the reverse impression of your braces which guarantees your perfect fit and stability.



BRACEGUARD is molded by you to guarantee a personalized, perfect fit for your braces!


****** Be very careful not to cross-contaminate the two different-colored putties. One is a catalyst for the other and the minute they come in contact with each other, the red putty will start the hardening process. Even a small amount of the oil from the white to the red is enough to cross-contaminate the materials. We recommend that after you unwrap your putties,  you store them in the round plastic polycons in which they arrived in and do not re-use the plastic wrap. Also, remember to wash your hands after mixing the putties and before storing the remaining putty.********


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